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Join Jay and other dynamic speakers for the Vision Casting Workshop.

February 27, 2016
11am to 4pm

Have you ever thought that you were not good enough for something?
Have you ever felt consumed with self-doubt and fear?
Have you lost focus on your New Year’s Resolutions?
Have you given up on the dreams you once had?
What if we told you that your thoughts become the reality that you live?
We know how you are feeling...
There are goals that you want to meet...
And a better life you want to live.
This event is for you!
We are traveling from across the country, from Louisiana,
and all parts of the south just to help you write your vision and make it plain.
Not only are we here to help you but by attending this event you will also be donating
to our nonprofit organization, Gold Hearts and Crowns, Inc. Which is set to begin July 2016!

Limited space available.

Learn more at: www.VSNAGNCY.com